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Alarm System - home alarm, office alarm

Supa8 Alarm System, Supa10 Alarm, home alarm, office alarm
SUPA8 series incorporate the best of Australia know-how and ingenuity - the quality is built in, not added on. The control panels have been designed with a very simple purpose in mind to detect alarm and report them. The control panels are not stripped down version of more expensive systems (although there is more expensive system on the market without the capabilities of SUPA8 Supa10). The real test of reliability is when things are at its darkness - when the power goes off. Even then, the SUPA8 Supa10 will remain fully functional, thanks to a backup rechargeable battery power supply.
The control panels of SUPA8 Supa10series have been disegned with a very simple purpose in mind to detect alarm and report them. SUPA8 Supa10 series of control panel have a digital dialler built-in which allows alarm messages to be sent to either a monitoring company or a friend's or relative's telephones.

BluGuard Alarm
Bluguard L900 offers the intelligent 9 zones system to protect our family, apartments or office at a competitive cost. It comprises tone feedback and call in/out functions to users via the conventional phone line as the primary line and GSM as the back up line.

Bluguard L900V provides advance features that L900. It comprises a pre-recorded voice feedback (Mandarin/English) that enable users to be informed of the premise's status. The L900V will be able to provide voice prompt feedback to users. brno alarm

Bluguard L1600 will be the ultimate choice for system that required more than conventional 9 zones system. The system comprises 16 zones

GSM-100 is the plug-on module that provides an alternative line in the event of telephony fails or when the line is being tampered. It comes with 24 hours telephony monitoring protocol that will inform users in seconds when the line is being cut. The module is capable to be deployed under any mobile provider. (e.g. Maxis, Digi, Celcom, etc.). It can be configured to sent out the SMS or Contact ID to CMS center whenever the system is triggered. The module has built-in voice prompt feedback during call in/out report.

IDS Alarm Panels 

Eight programmable, end-of-line supervised zones
Four wire keypad operation - up to a max. of four keypads
1 dedicated panic zone per keypad
Optional tamper reporting per zone
Five programmable Auxiliary Outputs
Fax defeat and answering machine overide
Dynamic battery self test
Low battery cutout circuitry
200 event log. Date and time stamped
Auto arm capability daily

SATEL alarm
, home alarm, office alarm,
The paramount function of alarm systems is detection and information of committed or intended burglary, theft and hold-up, by means of indoor and outdoor protection of a given object.

The very heart of the system is the alarm control panel - nowadays supporting on-board telephone monitoring and messaging. Its functionality plays a crucial role, especially in case of future system expansion. The choice of the control panel also influences the comfort of use and reliability of the entire system, as well as the aesthetic aspect of visible alarm installation components.

Control panels bearing the SATEL logo are constantly provided with innovative solutions, therefore their possibilities by far outreach conventional alarm systems. Even the simplest control panels are computer programmed devices, both locally and remote, for easy controlling of alarm system status. The advanced models enable integration of intruder alarm with fire alarm systems and access control, as well as BMS functionality. Moreover, besides state-of-the-art technology a modern intruder system offers you top quality and contemporary design of controlling devices which are placed in sight. In this regard SATEL provides all intruder alarm systems with design, which has gained a reputation for being modern though neutral in style.

The "eyes" and "ears" of any alarm system are detectors. Their role is to detect any attempt of intrusion in the protected area. To provide excellent protection in any case, a full range of detectors, basing on various technologies, was created. Most popular detectors use Passive Infrared technology (PIR) - so does the AQUA of SATEL detector range. They use infrared radiation (therefore, temperature) emitted by the intruder's body heat as he is moving within the detector's range. To ensure supreme parameters, this type of detectors is provided with microwave Doppler head, to obtain the so called dual detectors, offered by SATEL as the COBALT series. Large shop windows or other windowpanes may be secured using acoustic glassbreak detectors - the INDIGO recognizes the elements of the sound spectrum which accompany breaking glass. The simplest, though by no means the least important devices, are magnetic contacts which are used to protect windows, gates or doors. The use of reed relays practically eliminates mechanical contact of detection elements, which increases durability and reliability.

hould an intruder alarm system work effectively, any alarm must be signaled in the appropriate way.
For this purpose a wide range of sirens can be used, both outdoor and indoor, acoustic sirens which emit sound of high intensity, as well as optical devices, using bright flashing lights. The role of a siren is to scare the intruder away and at the same time attract the attention of people who are close to the site of the event which caused alarm. Another crucial function of any burglar alarm system is immediate transmission of information to the appropriate security services, that is to the so called monitoring stations of security companies, as well as directly to the person involved, in the form of a voice message.

To increase the safety of a communication solution based on standard telephone lines, dedicated GSM modules can be used. They prove invaluable in case of telephone line tamper actions and in situations where standard telephone lines are not available.

DF Alarm
Digital Frontier
Model: DFA3300, DFA3400, DFA5300 Voice Alarm, DFA5300GSM

Paradox Alarm
, home alarm, office alarm
Esprit features a wide range of control panels with 4 or 8 on-board zone input terminals and can support up to 2 keypad zones. All control panels offer the ATZ zone doubling feature that enables you to connect two detection devices to one input terminal. Each detection device occupies its own zone and communicates its status to the control panel. Depending on the control panel, the system can consist of up to 18 programmable zones that can be assigned to one or both partitions or can be assigned to neither partition to form a common area. The Esprit series offers you reliable, low-cost security that meets a host of customer needs. brno alarm

Spectra offers a combination of innovative features and an advanced communication bus for a unique expandable security system. Through its communication bus, Spectra can be expanded via wireless and hardwired expansion modules and a variety of accessory modules. With its reliable communication technology, flexible expansion and great-looking keypads, Spectra is an ideal security system for any residential or commercial installations that require up to 32 zones of protection.

With the introduction of the SP series, the reliability of Spectra panels is expanded to provide you with more features, such as StayD, more on-board zones (expandable to 32), more on-board PGMs (expandable to 16), and support for the new Plug-In Voice Dialer (VDMP3) and Internet Module (IP100). With their in-field firmware upgrade capability, the Spectra SP series allows installers to upgrade their system without hassle - quickly, easily and on site. And to further facilitate installation, every Spectra SP series panel can be configured using easy-to-follow menu-driven programming.

Experience a new way of living with StayD offered in the Spectra SP Series. StayD simplifies your life and makes it safer by protecting you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without ever having to disarm the system - even when entering an armed area. StayD lives with you and protects you at all times, without any unprotected periods, and while automatically re-arming the system so you don
't have to remember to do it.

TEXECOM alarm system
Model: Premier 816
Premier International Series
Designed primarily for the International marketplace, the Premier International Series is a powerful range of expandable control panels with modular accessories for maximum flexibility and future-proof system design.

Utilising both LED and LCD keypads, all features and functions are fully programmable for complete control, ensuring compliance with any system design requirements. Electronic circuitry is designed to provide maximum protection against lighting and other harsh environments.

NAPCO alarm system
Model: Napco magnum alert, Napco Gemini,
For over three decades, Napco has been designing innovative systems for security professionals who want to offer their customers the most reliable system technology available. And at the heart of those systems are control panels and keypads.

Gemini includes a comprehensive line of hybrid hardwire/wireless multi-tasking products: Control panels ranging from 8 to 255 zones, easy-to-use, designer keypads, including one with built-in 32-Point RF Receiver, and a full line of conventional 8 to 255 point null-free, helically-filtered RF receivers.

All Gemini panels and receivers seamlessly support the full line of Gemini transmitters and virtually all panels, keypads, and peripherals are compatible with each other and work the same, model to model.

The Gemini GEM-X255 Hybrid Panel is our largest control panel, and the biggest in the industry with up to 255 fully programmable hardwire/wireless zones and 195 individual user codes. The X255 follows in the footsteps of our dependable Gemini Panel product line offering top quality and flexible programming with its Windows-based PCD-WINDOWS Software. And the X255 is compatible with the same Gemini wireless and peripherals used with other Gemini Panels, and proven superior in independent tests.

The Gemini X255 starts with 8 on-board zones and is expandable through Gemini EZM Expansion Modules or Gemini Wireless Points. Built on the platform of the field-proven, popular GEM-P9600 and P3200, the product features both familiarity and support of the consumer-friendly GEM-RP1CAE2 Custom Alphanumeric Keypad, too. The X255 uniquely offers fuseless maintenance-free operation, plus it features: 8 independent area partitions, 255 event scheduler, and 800 event log. The X255 also supports 2-wire and 4-wire smoke detectors, and supports up to 64 separately addressable X-10 devices with the GEM-X10KIT.

All Gemini control panels feature:
Support for choice of designer keypads for every application and budget.

Multiplex Expandability using Built-in EZMs in Custom Alpha Keypads or 8-Zone expansion modules (except GEM-P800)

Up/Downloading, including unique PC-preset unattended method

EZ-Programming mode at keypad
Choice of Gemini RF receivers & transmitters

Partitioning by area (Not P816/P801/P800)

Multi-stage lightning protection
Event Log with open/close suppression, as noted below

Additional relays may be added for most models

X-10 Support with optional GEM-X10 Interface Module (most models)

Telco line cut supervision

Support all major communication formats & secondary pager format
Include transformer
Advanced performance Gemini RF receivers feature:
Dual diversity antennas minimize nulls & enhance reliability.
Tamper-& RF-jamming supervision.
Separate programmable supervisory times by device type.
Audible Fault-Find mode in walk test.
English language keypad GEM-K4RF with built in 32 pt. receiver Gemini panel accessories
GEM-EZM4/8 EXPANSION MODULEEconomy 4 to 8 zone expansion module supports with both GEM-P816 and GEM-P1632
GEM-EZM8 EXPANSION MODULEEight-zone expansion module (for all expandable GEM panels)

"Find Mode"
WIZARD IIe PHONE MODULETalking phone-in interface module for remote Gemini system and appliance control from any touch-tone phone

Easy control with 2 phone keys
GEM-EVA1 VOICE ANNUNCIATORComforting voice announcement for alarm system operations and use

Self-contained active speaker module

The RAN-GER? RC-9V is an advanced 9 zones wire control panel for residential and light commercial intrusion alarms.
Advanced on - board features included automation with event schedular and combining a wide range
of features with easy operation.

9 monitoring with programmable zones.
? Pulse delay zone available.
? Support up to 4 LED keypads with a maximum
distance of up to 150m.
? 4 private telephones with event report filtering.
? Remote telephones voice guided sessions for status messages, alerts and control options.
? Telephones voice or tones optional interactive menu.
? 2 Central Monitoring System (eMS) numbers
? 4 flexible PGM automation features
? Multi-level lightning protection.
? Smoke reset power supply (PGM) on OFF Siren.
? Very easy to operate and configure.

Support Voice or Tone.
Support remote armldisarm, bypass zone,
Check status and remote ONIOFF PGM
Support 2 CMS phone numbers and 1 account ID
Support Ademco Contact ID format
1 Master code, 8 User codes (The 8th User access
code used as duress code)

Life Security Alarm
Offers The 8 & 16 Zone System To Protect Ours Home . The System Have Been Designed With A User Friendly In Mind To Detect Alarm and Report Them .

Life Security Alarm L880(V) , L810(V) and L816(V) Offers Advance Features Than L880 . It A Perimeter Protection and Interior , Can Be Use For Home Automation Function With Wide Range Of Configurable Features To Suit Our Life Style . 

Can Support Up To 4 Keypads .
4 Home Automation And 2 Partition Zone .
Individual Chime Zone & Individual Zone Bypass Function .
Quick Key Entry For Away , Home , Panic , Zone Bypass , Review Event Memory Mode .
Individual Sensitivity For All Zones
Programmable Siren On / Off Squawk For Arm and Disarm .
Fire , Police and Medical Alarm .
View Alarm Memory Function .
Call In With Function Menu Selection In Voice *
Dual Reporting For CMS and Personal Format .
Fax Bypass
Remote Access To Away Arming , Home Arming And Disarm System .
4 Personal Reporting Dialing Numbers .
Falso Alarm Prevention .
Anti-Takeover Function .


8 Fully programmable zones with End-of-line supervision
2 Programmable partitions
2 Programmable phone number for CMS reporting
2 intelligent zones to minimize false alarm
Programme: Entry/Exit, internal, instant, 24 hour, fire and silent zone
9 Programmable user codes including Master Password
2 Arm Modes: Away & Home
Zone sensitivity with 255 selectable levels
Programmable Entry delay and exit delay from 0~255 seconds

Wireless Application

Wireless operation with RF Module
RF Receiver 2 channel come with 3 transmitters
Wireless Operation: ARM & DISARM

Home Automation Control

3 dedicated build-in security Automation Outputs
18 Options of Intelligent Automation Activation/Deactivation
Remote Operation via phone control


Local programming from LED keypads
Non-volatile EEPROM memory retains programmed data even during total power loss

Remote Operation

User friendly speech menu
User follows speech instruction for operation
Secure remote communications using security codes
Remote Operation via Touch/Mobile Phone uncludes:
 -Zone Status Check
 -Arm & Disarm
 -Zone bypass
 -Home automation control
Free from hassle of manual arm/disarm