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Commax Audio Door phone
Model: DP-2S

  • support 1 x door unit, 2 x handset
  • talk to the visitor
  • door release
  • Power Source  AC 100/110/220V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption  4.5W(Max)
  • Mounting type  Surface mounted
  • Wiring  2 wired
  • Dimension:
  • - without hands set : 107X195X38mm
  • - including hands set : 107X195X51mm
  • Distance  100m(0.65Φ standard), 150m(0.8Φ standard)
  • Temperature  0°c~50°c
download:commax audio door phone, DP-2S

Commax Audio Doorphone, DP-2S
Commax Audio Intercom
Model: DP-HP01

  • 1 to 2 Audio Intercom
  • Talk between room units
  • Xylophone chime with volume control
  • with door release button
  • Power source:
     - AC230V, 50-60Hz to slave unit
     - Master connect to outdoor without power
  • Door station to master wiring distance (2 wires), max 50m using 0.65mm copper wire
  • Master to Slave wiring distance (5 wires), max 30m, Door contacts at room unit
  • Dimension (mm):
     - 52(D) x 107(W) x 195(H) (Room station)
     - 40(D) x 100(W) x 128(H) (Door station)
pdf: commax audio intercom, DP-HP01


Commax Audio Door Phone, DP-HP01
Commax Multi Button Audio Panel
Model: DR-4/6/8UM

  • 4/6/8 button wide name plate
  • support up to 4/6/8 indoor handset, DP-SS
  • Material: Aluminum
  • House call and talk
  • Power source:DC 12V
  • Data Transmission: 3 wire in common +1 wire Communication
  • Hands-free type
  • Display device:LED light
  • Dimension(mm): 130(W)×315(H)×10(D)
  • Installation hole: size110(W)×284(H)(mm)
  • Fillupbox size(mm): 122(W)×305(H)×37(D)
pdf: commax multi button audio door phone
Commax Audio Door Phone, DR-4UM