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Universal Wireless Alarm System
  • wireless alarm receiver
  • suitable as an add on to existing wired alarm system
  • use to solve bad-wired sensors
  • support up to 10 zones output
  • unlimited wireless sensors mapping for each zone
Wireless Alarm Transmitter
- wired to alarm sensor
- led lights up when triggered
- available in one-way or two-way communication
Wireless Alarm System, Kerui-G19
** simple wireless alarm system **
  • support PSTN/GSM 850/900/1800/1900mhz
  • Wireless frequency: 433mhz
  • control alarm system remotely by Android/IOS app, SMS message, Phone call and keyfob
  • support two way voice communication
  • Main panel and sensor low battery notification and anti-tamper function. 
  • 99 wireless zones, 8 sets schedule arm/ disarm function by zone/ day/ time. 
  • 10 seconds ISD automatic voice mailbox for playback message upon alert. 
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • SMS message notify user once power cut. 
  • Built in Siren with adjustable volumn
  • Activity log: review up to 99 previous alarm and arm/dis-arm activities.

Paradox Wireless Alarm System, Magellan MG6250
  • 2-Partition 64-Zone Wireless Console with GPRS/GSM
  • Simultaneous Five-channel Reporting Offers reporting via GPRS, GSM, SMS, Voice, and traditional landline
  • 2 partitions and up to 64 wireless zones
  • Built-in transceiver (433 or 868 MHz)
  • Built-in voice and utility reporting(up to 8 telephone numbers)
  • Two-way voice communication (via GSM or landline)
  • Supports 4 wireless sirens (SR150)
  • Supports 4 wireless keypads (K32RF/K37), displays first 32 zones only
  • Supports 4 wireless repeaters (RPT1)
  • Supports 16 two-way remotes (REM2/REM3)
  • Built-in 90 dB siren
  • Family message center (up to 30 sec. w/ time stamp)
  • alarm clock