Types of CCTV Cameras

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ptz camera
PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom CCTV Camera

Pan and tilt feature provides 360 degree field of vision. Optical zoom on these CCTV cameras means you can focus closely in on subjects. 


full color camera
Full Color CCTV Camera

Full-color camera captures vivid color information even in low-light conditions. During both daytime and night-time, they will record bright and clear video images.

Full Color CCTV Camera

infrared camera
Infrared CCTV Camera

Infrared CCTV cameras use infrared LED lighting, as the environment gets darker, the camera automatically switches to infrared mode. The infrared CCTV camera records in black and white when infrared mode is switches on.

Infrared CCTV Camera

starlight camera
Star Light CCTV Camera

Star Light cameras can clearly see objects even with the weak illumination of starlight, resulting in clear footage recording even with very low lights environment.

Star Light CCTV Camera

face detection camera
Face Recognition CCTV Camera

Face recognition CCTV camera is mainly used for identification, attendance and access control.

Face Recognition CCTV Camera

vehicle camera
Vehicle/Car License Plate CCTV Camera

Vehicle/Car License plate capture or license plate recognition / LPR CCTV cameras, are a specialized type of CCTV camera designed to capture numbers and letters of license plate on still or moving vehicles

License Plate Recognition CCTV Camera

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